Europe's #1 student organized economic congress
21st – 23rd September 2016

27th EBS Symposium

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Some of Our Previous Speakers


José Manuel Barroso

 Former President of the European Commission


Dorothee Blessing

 Regional Head Germany, Austria & Switzerland, J.P. Morgan


Martin Blessing

Chairman of the Board, Commerzbank AG


Michael Dell

Founder and CEO, Dell Inc.

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Philipp Justus

Managing Director, Google Germany


Carsten Kratz

Head of the Management Team, BCG Germany and Austria


Sir John Major

Former Prime Minister of Great Britain


Frank Mattern

Global Head of Recruiting, McKinsey & Company


Jean-Claude Trichet

Former President of European Central Bank


Dr. Marie-Theres Thiell 

CEO Hungary/East, RWE


Prof. Dr. Axel Weber 

President of Administrative Council, UBS


Dr. Dieter Zetsche 

 Chairman of the Board, Daimler AG
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This Year’s Topic

The term “Innovation” has developed into a common expression of the modern business environment and can be found in every industry and country. The term has often been associated with brilliant solutions, large growth and rapid success. Everywhere we look, innovation is the name of the game.

"Necessity" and states of need are multifaceted phenomenon which can lead to the most spectacular and ground-breaking innovation. Whether it is an emerging market in the developing world, the growing crevasse between rich and poor, or the dramatic change in demographics due to crises and conflicts; we face one of the most dynamic environments to date.


This means we must face the truly fundamental questions. What are the resulting challenges facing entrepreneurs, politicians and managers in the 21st century? Who will emerge victorious and manage to newly interpret the principles of our world, thereby changing the way we think, work and live? And what are their secrets?

In the context of business and politics, the 21st to the 23rd September 2016 will witness over 1000 motivated students and young professionals daring to engage with this almost philosophical topic of fundamental human development. It is time to look the challenges of the 21st century in the eye, question the status quo and ask ourselves: Who will design our future?

The Key Facts

Each completed Symposium makes us even more hungry. Hungry for a bigger, more glorious and stunning event. As a result we deliver europe's best student organized economic forum.









The Core Elements

Speeches & Discussions

Experience varied lectures and discussions, held by eloquent speakers working in a wide range of industries, as well as exciting insights into diverse topics referring to the theme of this year’s symposium. All of our participants and speakers are invited to be a part of inspiring exchanges of knowledge and viewpoints.

Career Fair

The Career Fair is an essential element of the EBS Symposium, which gives the highly qualified and motivated students the opportunity to get in touch with company representatives and in- form themselves about various career options.

Workshops & Presentations

Our workshops provide a unique experience behind the scenes for selected participants only: Take part on fascinating interactive projects, side by side with company representatives.

Innovation Fair

The Innovation Fair offers young founders and entrepreneurs the chance to introduce themselves to potential investors and customers. The Innovation Fair is a great opportunity for visitors to open up their minds for new ideas and to foster an inventive spirit.

About Us

Want to learn more? Here are a few words about us.

A tradition of 26 years.

For three days the campus is transformed into a platform for an exchange of thoughts and ideas between leaders and interested students. In doing so, new approaches for the challenges of tomorrow are created.

The congress consists of four main parts: speeches and discussions, workshops and presentations, Career Fair as well as entertainment. Furthermore, our Innovation Fair offers opportunities for individuals to exchange and interact.

Around 50 well known and high-profile representatives from the world of business, politics, and the general community speak on relevant issues.

More than 1,000 selected students, graduates and young professionals from Germany and abroad attend the EBS Symposium.

Where we come from.

The EBS Symposium connects the traditions of the two oldest and larg- est student initiatives of the EBS University for Business and Law; the “Wirtschaftssymposium” and the “Bankenforum”.

The “Wirtschaftssymposium” evolved from a merger of three already existing student projects in 1990 under the name “Pro 90”. The idea and the aim of this symposium was to bring together personalities from the world of politics, economics, and science with interested students from all over Germany. As a consequence, a platform to discuss issues of economic and political relevance was created.

“Made in Germany – a term to be redefinded” was the topic of the first “Wirtschaftssymposium” and received fantastic response. The merger of the two events in 2003, however, has kickstarted a series of even more successful events, the first joint conference being the 15th EBS Symposium on “Business meets Banking” in 2004.


Last Years Partners

We are thankful for the support of our previous partners, which have made it possible every single year for us to organize such an incredible event for our participants.

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