Armin von Falkenhayn

Armin von Falkenhayn

Armin von Falkenhayn, currently serving as the CEO for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland at Bank of America, brings a diverse background and deep commitment to his role in investment banking. Originally aspiring to become a garden architect, his early passion for nature and horticulture shaped his youth. He credits his mother's advice for steering him towards a career in finance instead of pursuing his childhood dream. Armin values authenticity and sees it as crucial for personal and professional success. His role allows him to leverage his interpersonal skills and leadership capabilities, emphasizing the importance of reliability, openness, and empathy in his approach to business and team management. He views education as foundational, providing continual opportunities for growth and development. Armin's journey highlights the significance of lifelong learning and the gratitude he holds for his parents' support in shaping his path. His insights into career success and personal growth are articulated in various engagements and reflect his dedication to mentoring and inspiring others.

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